Steel archive cabinets can be assembled in many different ways. First of all, they are very flexible in terms of dimensions and finishes. Secondly, with a wide choice of doors, accessories and finishing options, Sysco® archive cabinets can be designed in such a way that they can be used for all possible purposes. So whatever your needs, we are convinced that our cabinets provide flexible, safe and secure storage.

Safety & Security

Because the steel cabinets are closed, the content is protected, so goods or objects can be stored safely. Also the cabinets can de equipped with a lock, so you can control who has access to the contents.

Long lifespan

Our unique coating process guarantees 100% powder coverage on the steel, which prevents rust. In addition, the cabinets can be made mobile at a later time if extra storage space is required. This way you can use the cabinets for your storage for a very long time.

Tailor made

The steel cabinets are available in different sizes, so they fit exactly in all available storage spaces, even around pillars, ventilation ducts and other obstacles. The cabinets are available in different lengths, heights and depths. The lengths can be configured in steps of 40 mm. Which allows the system to be adapted to the goods or objects stored in the steel cabinets.

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Sysco - Roller Front Doors Steel Cabinet - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Roller front doors

Rollerfront doors are used to turn a single Sysco® rack into a cabinet. In addition to a handle on the bottom, the roller doors are also equipped with an integrated handle in the middle. This also allows you to open the door from a standing position.

Sysco® - Sliding Doors Steel Cabinet - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Sliding doors

With the help of sliding doors you can turn our Sysco® racks into a cabinet. The doors are lockable and available in different
wood patterns.

Colour Chart - Bruynzeel Storage Systems


We have 13 standard colours, but we can deliver any RAL colour you might like. In the colour chart below you can find our 13 standard colours.

Accessories - Bruynzeel Storage Systems


We have a lot of different accessories for different applications, take a look at our accessories to find out what we have to offer.

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